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At Easy Life Abroad, we know exactly how to make your life
abroad easy and stress-free.

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Who We Are.

Easy Life Abroad is the brainchild of our CEO and Founder, Akshay Agrawal. With no prior experience, help or support in a foreign country Akshay moved to London, UK for higher education. He faced several challenges that restricted him from making the most of his time initially and kept him away from enjoying his student life.

From identifying an affordable student accommodation with all amenities, to figure out the fastest and cheapest way to get to college, to find home cooked meals and job search, he stumbled upon various such challenges from time to time. It’s then when he decided he wanted to help all student in a way to make their life easier when they first travel abroad to study.

who we are

What We Do.

what we do

Traveling to study abroad for the very first time can be daunting experience. After all one has to confront various challenges in order to settle down like best student accommodation, budgeting, home cooked meals and so much more. Where do you start? The good news is – we’ve got it all covered for you already!

At Easy Life Abroad, we know exactly how to make your life abroad easy and stress-free. We’ve partnered up with a range of local providers abroad to offer you high-quality and reliable services at an affordable and convenient way, so that you can focus on your career and studies-the reason for your move and make it worth while!